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Happy Monday!

Live the life this Monday.

Sure, it sounds a little cheesy when put like that. Perhaps the profound meaning of it is lost in translation. And what better translator than music, specifically via Coldplay singing one of their smash hits.

Live the life Viva la Vida, ladies and gentlemen.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 


Today is my 29th birthday!

It’s surreal to believe this day has arrived. Strangely enough, it’s felt like I’ve lived several lives already. From childhood to the teenage years to college to post-college and then back at graduate school, there have been ups and downs and seemingly everything in between. In this sense, life is about phases. And I’m hoping that upon my completion of my MBA in just four weeks (4 weeks!), that this new phase I’ve been working extremely hard towards will finally begin in ways not even I could have imagined.

Will 29 be that year? It feels like it might be…

The following video has been posted on Jimmy’s Daily Planet before, but it’s just one of my favorite clips.

A great song coupled with inspiring energy:

Ladies and gentlemen, be sure to “viva la vida” today!