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Discovering the Bones of a Football Stadium

The Discovery Channel + Sports?

Yes. It’s true.

In the spirit of recent news regarding new innovative soccer stadiums in Europe, as covered here on Jimmy’s Daily PlanetĀ involving Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur, let’s dive deep into an enlightening perspective of the building process for a football stadium (applies to American and European football equally) that’s not normally fit for front page news.

Discovery UK, staying true to its M.O., dove into the groundwork of how American football stadiums are built for its latest (ad)venture. Specifically, the University of Phoenix Stadium was examined.

Tackling this fascinating subject matter–which again still qualifies for stadiums dedicated to the world’s game–should certainly earn some views at the pub whilst sipping on a frosty pint during halftime of Champions League.

Today’s UEFA Champions League schedule at 3 p.m. ET:

  • Ajax vs. Juventus
  • Manchester United vs. Barcelona

Interestingly, like the version of football favored in Europe, constructing a stadium requires acute attention to detail, innovation in design and patience for achieving the ultimate goal.

The following blueprint isn’t for your average LEGO set.

Interior and outer design, size, sound control and distribution, the impact of weather, pitch condition, and many other essential variables and constants must be addressed–and can be addressed–in a variety of ways when building a new major sports stadium. Thankfully, Discovery UK has provided at least a few answers that will hopefully satisfy our understandable curiosities concerning our particular tastes in sports stadiums.

Given that sports stadiums are a community’s calling card and identity, knowing the bones (so to speak) of our favorite stadiums around the world is valuable knowledge. An awesome power, really. Because, like sports, once we understand the fundamentals, we can then begin to innovate in ways that redefine perception locally and beyond for generations to come.

What’s your favorite sports stadium(s)? Why? What experience(s) impacted your opinion(s)?

Isn’t it amazing how our cherished memories of watching sports live are only partly about the game? That’s what’s really beautiful about “the game” in the abstract.

Oh, substitute hot dogs for well-done mini bratwursts and we’re all good, Discovery UK.

Shark Shaq Is Coming Soon

Shaq was a basketball beast down low for the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers back in the day. Today, the same Shaquille O’Neal is going to go down low into an ocean to confront his fear of the only thing that could possibly make him quiver in his size 22 sneakers:


Well played Discovery Channel, well played.

The clever promo deserves praise, as does the added bonus that Shaq is a likeable person to NBA and non-NBA fans alike. He’s accomplished yet funny, personable and intelligent. You just wonder if the Discovery Channel crew will take the ultimate bait by inviting Charles Barkley to be a surprise cameo?

That would be great.

Tune into Shaq Shark Week starting Sunday, July 22 at 8 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

When a Large Predator with Teeth is Involved, the GOAT is Usually in Trouble

There are so few words needed to describe what you’re about to see for the forthcoming “Shark Week” on The Discovery Channel. Please click the video below and get ready to have your mind blown.

I just wish I could’ve been in the meeting when this idea was pitched.

Happy Shark Week!

In honor of The Discovery Channel’s annual phenomenon known as “Shark Week,” today’s post will (of course) feature a shark-related video. Is it the teeth? The fins? The terrifying mystery of whether a shark is swimming beneath or around you in the ocean? Is it pure curiosity stemming from watching a movie by this guy named Steven Spielberg that practically scared everybody from swimming at beaches in the summertime?

Whatever the reason for tuning in is, it’s a fascinating time of year to safely observe and learn something new about the most feared (and possibly admired) predators in our oceans.

Take a Real Bite Out of This Week!