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The Clooney Letter

Since The Goldbergs was a rerun last night, there won’t be a deliciously awesome post today about our favorite suburban Philadelphia family from the 1980s (The Matthew’s family is still King, of course). This week’s replacement will need to be comedic and original. How about exploring the practical joking genius of George Clooney?

Okay, I guess so. It’s not like he’s charming, clever or humorously conniving. From the prankster himself:

Time to buy more stamps…

Dear George,

Thanks for the ideas!


Jimmy’s Daily Planet

Tonight, We’ll Say Goodbye with a Few Laughs

First off, it’s my 300th Post on Jimmy’s Daily Planet!

Second of all, I want everyone to know that I wore a denim shirt to work today in honor of Jay Leno’s final show. His comedy style is unequivocally as strong as denim fabric. In fact, here’s a joke I made up, inspired by the style of the one and only Jay Leno:

“There was a recent report that 500 Radio Shacks are closing. Isn’t that unbelievable…I didn’t know there were 500 Radio Shacks still open!?” 

At 12:37 a.m., Jay Leno will officially sign-off from his 22-year reign as The Host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. There are two guests booked for his final show (that we know about…), with his first Tonight Show guest and comedy legend Billy Chrystal returning, as well as musical guest and good friend Garth Brooks.

It will surely be an emotional day and show for Jay, his producers, writers, band, stage hands, cue card writers, etc. And let’s not forget about the final studio audience, plus the millions of viewers and faithful fans watching him for the last time on the iconic stage in the comfort of their own homes.

Tonight will be amazingly bittersweet, with several dynamics playing out, even if they don’t make the front-page headlines. However, these milestones and generational markers will be detailed and explored more in-depth in tomorrow’s post once the bright lights have been turned off forever in the Burbank studio along with Jay’s tenure as The Host of The Show.

For today, below is a video with some of the funniest bloopers or unscripted moments from Jay’s countless interviews and comedy bits.

Enjoy and have yourself a few good laughs this “Throwback Thursday!”

Be sure to stay tuned tonight because I think we all have a feeling that the Tonight Show staff have saved the best surprise for last…

Happy Monday!

The 2014 Golden Globes once again had its fair share of memorable moments (both good and bad), mostly based on who you were cheering for to win, of course. There is usually buzz for the show at the beginning and the end of the 3-hour production, with the opening monologue as the main attraction.

Last night, there were a few jokes that fell flat from BFF co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but there were also a few comedic jabs that rose to the occasion…even to the brink of outer space hilarity.

Despite the fact the below clip is brought to us from NBC, please turn the volume way up! Two of the best jokes are right off the top, one of which includes Lake Como’s most famous resident. But be sure to stay tuned a couple minutes in for a fun shout-out to Matthew McConaughey.

Happy Monday! 

The Bicentennial!

This is the 200th Post on Jimmy’s Daily Planet!

It’s a bit surreal to be writing my 200th blog post. To be more precise, it was never on my horizon to even think this far into the future when I first started Jimmy’s Daily Planet. I knew what I wanted this website to be in the beginning and it’s been gradually evolving with each new post. I for one am truly excited to see where it continues to go from here!

Just reflecting solely on the number 200 reminds me of what a big number it is. The United States of America is 237 years old, there are more than 200 restaurants in New York City…plus 4,000 other ones, an electric motorcycle has broken the 200 mph barrier, there are at least 200 different types of wine in most grocery stores these days and I’ve probably quoted my favorite television shows and movies more than 200 times.

But maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. Whose perspective? How about a robot with a perfectly pertinent name for today’s celebratory occasion with the always amazing Sam Neill as his somewhat reluctant comedic sidekick:

(Oh, and this post is also two hundred words long)

Here’s to 200 More!