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Jimmy Found Everybody’s Singing Feeling

Tom Cruise lip-syncing popular songs? That’s a mission that would be impossibly amusing.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon continues to prove its towering place in late night television specifically and pop culture more broadly in our social media-driven, nostalgia-loving (’90s favorites) society. Entertainment is king and Jimmy Fallon is one of its princes. Well, a jester to be more precise. Jimmy Fallon is a master at his craft with celebrity and musical impressions, improvisational banter with his comedic partner Steve Higgins and YouTube-worthy sketches.

And it’s all with a definitively positive attitude. Everyone has a good time, including the audience.

Business as usual (risky and hilarious) in Studio 6B.


A Little Break of Horrors

Who knew that The Tonight Show was such a dangerous venture? Host Jimmy Fallon and his dynamic sidekick Steve Higgins fell victim (one literally) to injury and illness during their recent TV break.

You can’t write this stuff.

Fallon and Higgins: Together through thick and thin, as well as laughing to bedside emails.

Saved by the Flashback

Jimmy Fallon did it again last night.

For those of us who grew-up in and still love ’90s nostalgia (the culture, clothes/style, movies, sitcoms, music, Saturday morning cartoons and shows, rafting trips, etc.), Fallon is the ideal entertainer for us. To put it as plainly as possible: he gets it. Not only did he clearly enjoy shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by the Bell, but, most importantly, he understands and appreciates the sensitivities/life lessons, humor and true greatness of these incomparable sitcoms from the days of high-top sneakers, faded blue and white jeans, cheesy (yet cool) conversations with friends and your high school principal and the power of the impromptu life “timeout.”

Bayside High, it feels like just yesterday…

“I’m so excited!”

Saved by the Bell Forever!

The Wizarding World of Rap

Magical Rhymes: Third Floor, Hogwarts.

When Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron weren’t casting spells and saving Hogwarts from a myriad of evil spirits and forces, they were students in the world’s most exclusive school for wizards and magic. And as pupils, they learned a variety of skills that guided them through the best and worst of times. Unfortunately, one of these pivotal class sessions never saw the light of day in any of the eight Harry Potter major motion pictures.

Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon has a way of getting actors to admit secret skills on The Tonight Show that results in pure awesomeness. It’s just the ABC’s…

— Gryffindor Boys’ Dormitory, Def Magic Jams, After Hours —