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Happy Monday!

A “Happy Monday!” blog post of Jimmy’s Daily Planet will help you watch the brand new trailer for the forthcoming Disney live-action film ‘Mary Poppins Returns.’

This looks like a great family movie to see with my young nieces. And I’ll be sure to play my part and feed them a bag of Skittles a spoonful of sugar before returning them to their parents because, well, that’s what good uncles do!

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ to movie theaters on December 19.

Cinco de Voices

What do Seth MacFarlane, Emily Blunt and Kermit the Frog have in common?

They all hear funny voices.

While I can imitate some characters for the sake of drama or comedy, Seth MacFarlane constantly proves that performing impersonations is a remarkable skill. To successfully pull off a great impression, you have to fully inhabit another person or character’s being, including their accent, temperament and signature reactions. Most impressively, the best imitators are able to switch on-and-off like a light switch from acting like themselves to being somebody completely different with stunning accuracy.

As a fan and student of improv and acting, the following video of impressions is entertaining and educational. It features one of the modern masters at work:

Impersonations definitely require a very specific set of skills.