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Happy Monday!

Thanksgiving is Thursday, which is when families and friends will gather under one roof to give thanks for the special people (and a particularly great white dog) in their lives. Great food will be accompanied by great company and a few great laughs.

However, it will also be nearly impossible to escape or prevent those inevitable, awkward moments that are as consistent as the cranberry sauce straight out of the can (“The Michael J. Fox Show” knows what I’m talking about). Undoubtedly, something will spark that predictable, though vague in specifics, occurrence.

In some cases, it can be like a rainstorm. When it rains, it pours…day, by day.

and if you happen to have a cat gingerly pacing around the table…

Forget the Octagon, this is the Circle of Trust.

When Right is Right

If you essentially always keep a fork in your left hand after cutting a piece of meat, then that is what everyone expects to see when eating a knife-and-fork meal with you. To try and eat a meal with a fork in your right hand after cutting a piece would be silly.

The thing is that, on very rare occasions in private, you’ve been practicing cutting steak with a fork in your left hand, but eating the succulent piece of meat with the fork in your right hand.

Once dinnertime arrives, what will your guests think when they see this unusual spectacle?

Just ask Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart.  He found out how that felt last night in the Champions League game at the Etihad Stadium when Arjen Robben of Bayern Munich cut and ate the best piece of steak (delicately covered in seasoned salt and gently dipped in A-1 sauce) from his plate right in front of him, with Robben’s “fork” held awkwardly and unsuspectingly in his right hand in the 60th minute.

One thing is for sure: Hart will be remembered as being one of the rare few who have been scored on by Robben’s nearly invisible right foot.

And not only that, but Hart was beaten near post (ie- the keeper’s post!).

Just imagine the possibilities if Robben continues to attack the goal using his left and right foot…

There will be jubilation for some and chaos for others at many a future dinner party.