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Happy Monday

Everybody (except Duke, Villanova, etc.) wants a tournament just like this.

The 2017 version of March Madness is in full-swing and this tournament’s reputation for unbridled craziness lives on for yet another season. Upsets of top programs aren’t necessarily that upsetting (as long as it’s not your team) and that feeling has become a trademark of college basketball’s post-season finale played on courts across the country.

On an unrelated, yet related note, The Chainsmokers and Chris Martin of Coldplay recently collaborated to create a great pop song titled, “Something Just Like This.” Thankfully, someone at the NCAA recognized the perfect compatibility of the aforementioned song and the pursuit of something grand in life…

like an NCAA national championship.

There’s some awesomeness for your Monday.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.


Wanting Clark Kent’s (Super) Character

Coldplay’s musical prowess is an imaginative playground with many leaps and (fortunately) no bounds.

Collaborating with The Chainsmokers (because when you listen to their songs, you’re addicted), the British quartet formally known as Coldplay provided a wonderful gift to its listeners today. And, quite honestly, these two musical groups created a visual gift by way of a lyrical video that will spark happy memories of dreaming, love, superheroes and overall awe at the wonder of life past, present and future. A song with a positive, wishful ambition is simply refreshing.

One could say that this new lyrical video that debuted today is Sprite-level refreshing.

Ladies and gentlemen, Coldplay and The Chainsmokers present “Something Just Like This.”

We all need something just like this in our life.

Grown Ups Also Dream of a Popcorn Volcano

With the past few records, Coldplay has been far less cold and much more play.

There are some bands that seem to have just the right song for us, almost tailor-made when we need it most. Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why Coldplay is as highly-regarded as they are these days. The British quartet understand how to hit the exact right notes, both melodically and lyrically. While rock n’ roll is the greatest form of music, there are moments when the dial needs to be turned down with an emphasis on day dreaming and our imaginations (even though the latter can contribute to what’s driving us crazy).

Slowing things down and dreaming wildly to find those precious answers to those pressing questions, this time with a perspective far beyond any construct found within our known reality?

Scroll down&down for a much-needed escape this Tuesday.

Why not see the world this way?

Don’t give your imagination the cold shoulder.


Our Heads Should Be Full of Dreams

Charlie Chaplin established himself as an actor during the Silent Film Era of the early 20th century, yet his speech from The Great Dictator (1940) should be anything but silenced.

Coldplay had the terrific insight to insert the aforementioned Chaplin speech over the opening minute sequence of the “A Head Full of Dreams” music video. While the music video premiered back in August (featured in a blog), that speech continues to overwhelm in its wisdom and inspiring charge.

In an election season covered by the media (“journalism”) on a relentless basis, we have certainly heard it all from all sides, haven’t we? Interestingly, the speech from The Great Dictator (irony at its highest when you hear the speech) provide us the only things we haven’t heard during this presidential election:

An inspirational, tactful vision for a bright future for everyone.

It may take a fantastical adventure for Mr. Chaplin’s words to reach today’s influential leaders, but it’s worth a shot. Embracing the ingenuity, resolve and promise of the people instead of centralizing control to the powerful few…

Imagine that.