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The Carlton: Defining the Unusual

Carlton’s log: I’m about to dance America back to the ’90s!

Jimmy’s Daily Planet is a big fan of the 1990s sitcom hit, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The acting and the writing was fantastic. Plus, it was a show that achieved the right tone with teenagers and parents alike in terms of the appropriateness of the jokes and the content in general. And it was coupled with valuable life lessons.

Of the many memorable scenes, episodes, zings and lessons learned, there is one particular dance that remains a treasured favorite. It’s iconic. “The Carlton” expresses a love not only for the smooth voice of singer Tom Jones, but also a feeling that allows anyone to literally throw caution to the wind and move like no one’s watching.

Except people are always watching (and doing) that dance with ecstatic delight, especially when it’s performed by its original sitcom lead on prime-time television on a major network.

Alfonso Carlton, you know what to do:

Thank You Alfonso!

A Flash Post!

This is a flash post, which is a randomly awesome post!

After a quick rap, you will be transported back to the ’90s!