The Last Jedi (Trailer) Has Awakened

The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi is here.

What’s your first reaction?

My reaction can be summarized with three words hyphenated in perfect harmony:


The Jedi has to end? Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Is “Jedi” in the title intended to be singular or plural? Who is Rey related to? Is this Luke Skywalker’s final Star Wars adventure?

While much of the film’s story and crucial details are well under wrap (thankfully), fans have been given a spectacular glimpse into the (potentially) masterful work by director Rian Johnson. The intensity level for The Last Jedi will continue to rise to fever pitch and beyond with 8 months still to go until its theatrical release that will likely make a few more bucks than that Shia LaBeouf’s film Man Down one week ago (sold one ticket in England).

Thank you, 40 Years of Star Wars Celebration. This wonderful event brought together most of the primary cast of the original trilogy, its famed creator George Lucas, a sensational first look at The Last Jedi and a sweet, emotional video tribute to Carrie Fisher.

We’ll always remember Carrie Fisher as a princess.

Romantics say that time makes the heart grow fonder, whereas Star Wars fans say that teasingly mesmerizing questions with answers to be discovered on a definitive cinematic release date makes the heart grow at a rate of 12 parsecs.


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