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The Critics’ Knives Will Be out for Rian Johnson’s New Movie

Screenwriter and film director Rian Johnson will forever be tied to his small independent film ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.’ For those who have seen the movie and who have followed the fan reaction to it, there’s certainly been a mixed response, to say the least. And this extends to the cast, with Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley sharing their thoughts on the plot as well as understanding the strong fan reactions from 10,000 feet/the movie theater seat.

As a ‘Star Wars’ movie fan, ‘The Last Jedi’ was good in parts and not so great in parts concerning individual scenes, characters, dialogue, and overall plot points and major plot decisions.

Returning back to Rian Johnson, he has written the screenplay and directed a murder mystery movie that takes place in a spooky mansion. This movie with a star-studded cast has the tone of the 2017 adaptation of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ sans train with some four-letter words and a hint of fun circa the 1985 murder mystery classic ‘Clue.’

‘Knives Out’ Cast:

  • Daniel Craig
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Christopher Plummer
  • Chris Evans
  • Toni Collette
  • Don Johnson
  • Michael Shannon
  • Lakeith Stanfield
  • Ana de Armas

Check out the brand new official trailer for ‘Knives Out.’

(FYI – There’s a rant with a four-letter word that starts with the letter “s”) 

‘Knives Out’ looks — admittedly on a less consequential scale — like it will be just as divisive as ‘The Last Jedi’ with audiences concerning how the writing and plot twists play out by the end. Is it intended to be goofy, serious or a gutsy combination of the two? ‘Clue’ is the gold standard for a murder mystery movie with thrills and humor intertwined just so perfectly.

We’ll find out if Rian Johnson’s aptly titled ‘Knives Out’ set for a Thanksgiving release date will carve up a winner.

Maybe Rian Johnson included a scene that was a future wish of Marshall in ‘How I Met Your Mother’?

The opportunity is right there for ‘The Last Jedi’ director. I’m sure he still has access to a lightsaber…


The Force Awakens the Last Jedi…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now (finally) in movie theaters.

Rest assured, Jimmy’s Daily Planet will not reveal any spoilers. With a prime viewing scheduled for tomorrow night, a general reaction to Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII will follow this Monday.

For now, a visual storytelling recap and promo for The Last Jedi.

Will The Last Jedi be the darker Dark Knight equivalent to The Force Awakens? If so, then this cinematic universe has the potential to become even more epic than before…

and Star Wars, as you know, is already sufficiently epic. There’s a short preview of a spoiler-free review.

Happy Monday

Star Wars is everywhere.

Now that that’s settled, let’s move forward.

The Last Jedi writer and director Rian Johnson (Looper, The Brothers Bloom, Brick) has promised a new twist (or two…) for Star Wars: Episode VIII. As fans all over the world prepare for the December premiere of the eighth chapter in one of the greatest sagas concerning good vs. evil, we are looking for little tidbits of information to whet our theatrical appetite. Not the full meal or anything close to it, but just a delicious tasting menu. And in doing so, we’ve discovered that the highly-anticipated Last Jedi was written and directed not only by a brilliant moviemaker but by a lifelong Star Wars fan.

As the video after the jump shows, Rian Johnson’s enthusiasm is infectiously inspiring. Tapping into his excitement of being involved in a Star Wars film is more powerful than any Red Bull or triple latte.

The Last Jedi is a Star Wars movie made by one of its biggest fans. Therefore, this forthcoming film will be eight kinds of awesome, especially since Rian Johnson has already been hired to write an entirely new trilogy after this current trilogy.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 

P.S. How does your Wookiee impersonation sound?

Disney’s Latest 3-Episode Renewal

Yes, yes and yes!

FYI- There’s a very specific and awesome reason why the word “yes” is written three times.

The good news is that The Last Jedi looks visually stunning with a bold, daring story. The better news is that we are only a little more than a month away from the highly-anticipated theatrical release of The Last Jedi, written and directed by the aforementioned Rian Johnson.

A quick refresher on Rian Johnson’s work on Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Looks like beloved Spielberg producer and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy red read between the lines with Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi. Now even more than before, the fate of Episode VIII needs to be great.

And hopefully with less Dr. Seuss-style rhyming.