Daily Archives: April 3, 2017

Happy Monday

The 2017 Men’s Final Four left college basketball fans wanting more.

Especially fans cheering for Gonzaga and North Carolina.

The 2016/2017 National Championship will be a great battle between the one-seed Gonzaga Bulldogs and the one-seed North Carolina Tar Heels. Admittedly, readers of this blog post should know I am a big UNC fan. My oldest sister attended and graduated from Chapel Hill back in the days of Bill Guthridge and Matt Doherty. So, it’s been nearly 20 years of cheering for the Tar Heels.

With that being said (or written), tonight’s game will be a fantastic sporting event. Yes, an event. Gonzaga wants to win its school’s first ever national championship, whereas North Carolina feels like it has to win this year’s national championship. And that may be what separates these two top-shelf teams in the end:

The difference between want to and have to with the title on the line.

It’s my belief that Joel Berry II was (purposely) on cruise control against Oregon, nursing his injured ankles/recovering from his ankle injuries. The shots that went in or didn’t weren’t of issue to Roy Williams. Clearly. The point is that Berry’s mere presence on the court for UNC is game-changing for the men sporting sky blue.

However, against a very talented Gonzaga squad, Mr. Berry’s mere presence won’t likely be enough to cut the nets down in jubilation.

He’ll need help from his very talented teammates (and coaching staff).

This season’s national championship will be one heel hell of a game.

I just hope two of those heels on the court tonight in Phoenix will have enough spring for that one shining moment.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.