Happy President’s Day

The precedent was set long ago to honor our nation’s presidents in February.

Imagining life back in the late 1700s when the country that became known as the United States of America was at its inception can be an overwhelming exercise. Overwhelming, yes, but even more so an amazing reflection to partake. The first president, George Washington, took office back in 1789. How far this nation has come is extraordinary. And throughout history, the American people have elected a few great presidents, many good presidents and some not-so-great presidents.

It’s the opinion of Jimmy’s Daily Planet that Americans experience one truly great president about once every one century. Thus far, this list (in chronological order) consists of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Remember, this list is for Americans presidents that were “next-level” leaders, gentlemen and visionaries.

Speaking of someone who is “next-level” smart when it comes to American presidents…

We should all have the enthusiasm for knowledge as the young Macey Hensley.

Have a Fantastic President’s Day.


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