Daily Archives: February 15, 2017

[Insert Your Most Excellent Air Guitar Here]

There are movies. There are films. And then there are life-altering experiences.

This blog post is a wonderful medium to dive deep into speculation surrounding a future must-see movie with integrity and imagination. However, this blog is equally self-aware (the writer, not the “blog”) of when a video can create a greater impact and/or be a great partner with words. As a former student of broadcasting, as well as a current student in a sense of evolving media in the ever-changing 21st century, visuals can provide deeply impressionable insight into a certain topic or individual.

In today’s case, a particular actor said all that needed to be said.

Enter Keanu Reeves when he recently discussed arguably his greatest series of films (no, not the complicated ones with the red and blue pills) and the very real next step of developing a monumental comeback for an iconic character that has and will stand the test of time.

The world universe thanks you, Ted.

Well, not yet…