Daily Archives: February 6, 2017

Happy Monday

The Atlanta Falcons clearly aren’t big Mighty Ducks movie fans or they could’ve pulled off the Super Bowl LI win by, yes, flying together.

The field goal attempt was within range to put the game out of reach for the New England Patriots late in the fourth quarter by the Atlanta Falcons, but the offense wasn’t in sync and, consequently, their chances of winning went bye-bye-bye.

Christopher Walken knows what I’m talking about.

New England Patriots 34 – Atlanta Falcons 28 in OT.

Admittedly, Super Bowl LI (51) did not present the greatest slate of commercials. Still, there were a few amusing submissions. The Bai drink ad above, the Budweiser journey and the Mr. Clean commercial with the hilarious twist were quite entertaining. Interestingly though, the shortest ad was arguably the best last night.

The creative team at Amazon Echo, which is essentially Siri for the home, wrote and produced a genuinely sweet moment between a father and daughter watching football. The simplicity and the smile-worthy moment was not only what fans of all ages needed and appreciated, but desperately what the NFL needed and appreciated (ie – ratings decline).

Will there be a Little Giants sequel…?

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.