Changing IDEOlogy

IDEO’s approach to innovation and business deserves one very succinct word:


Diversity is not restricted by race or gender, but expands in equal capacity and wonder to thought process. How we think certainly varies based on our gender and our personal experiences growing up in different places, as well as growing up in the same place as our peers. Incredibly, there are no limits to creativity, especially if (and when) we adopt a more lively dynamic to be initiated for problem-solving.

This is where IDEO comes into play to redefine not only what we innovate, but how we innovate in the 21st century with proof from the late 20th century. And this solution is people-centric. Keep in mind this aforementioned proof includes the very first mouse for Apple, as directly requested by this guy who went by the name of Steve Jobs. Exploring what IDEO’s founder David Kelley and his brother Tom Kelley deem as “creative confidence” that’s currently in concert with Stanford University has the potential to gradually revolutionize not only how universities design curriculum, but also how businesses in a myriad of industries could (and should) approach hiring and operating in the not-so-distant future.

Currently, there is IDEO (the company), IDEO U (offering online courses for the public) and D.School (Stanford Graduate Students).

To put a finer point on it, IDEO is Silicon Valley’s transferable future to us all.

While no “app” is necessary, the application of IDEO’s ideas should be downloaded ASAP.


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