This Beauty Will Be a Box Office Beast

Can real actors live up to…an animation?

That has been the question for why Disney is even attempting to bring back the wondrous tale of Beauty and the Beast that many (if not all) could easily argue defiantly marked its zenith of fanfare and adoration way back in 1991. And a legitimate query it is. The early ’90s  animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures is not only one of the greatest animations in cinematic history, but one of the most treasured movies in cinematic history.

Put frankly: There is more to lose from a (mostly) live-action revamp than there is to gain.

And yet, the trailers and specialized posters for the 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast continue to pass the test of anxiously curious fans…and then some.

With the final and most comprehensive look to date, Walt Disney Pictures has just released its newest trailer for the film that will remind us why Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle may be reason enough for this live-action rendition of a beloved classic.

Will 2017s Beauty and the Beast meet the extraordinarily high standard of the 1991 timeless classic Beauty and the Beast? Audiences will discover the answer starting March 17th.

Whatever the verdict, this just might be the closest (and best) attempt to bring some of the animated magic to life beyond the brilliantly colorful pen strokes of the ’90s.


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