Daily Archives: January 11, 2017

The Stellar Sound of the Space Around Us

They say that “tails never fails.” Except for, you know, roughly 50% of the time. Anyways, how about this:

The ear can hear what we fear, and cheer.

Be kind, it’s a first draft with rough edges galore.

This blog has made the case that orchestral numbers can strike something profoundly powerful inside us that doesn’t necessarily offer confirmations to our myriad of questions, but stirs a wonderful mixture of mystery, caution and, incredibly, an unyielding pursuit of discovery. Once again, Christopher Nolan’s space operatic epic Interstellar is the focus of yet another blog post. This time, the form is the music from the film’s long past third trailer from late 2014 (with admittedly the faintest hint of audible lyrics at the end).

To quote a line from a fellow Nolan cinematic achievement, “And here we go.”

So, where will that music take you?

Wherever it leads you, just know that attempting to save the human race is always a crowd-pleaser. However, I myself may start with something slightly less grand…for the moment anyways.