Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

Happy Monday

Stranger things are certainly happening in 2017.

But let’s not forget that weird events started occurring back in 1983…

The Screen Actors Guild spotlighted the nostalgic powerhouse Stranger Things as the winner of “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble” during last night’s ceremony. The Netflix show has been accurately described as Steven Spielberg meets Stephen King. Playing by the new rule of non-network TV (10-episode seasons released all at once), Stranger Things has captivated audiences (myself included) that a season 2 order was going to be a sure thing just weeks after Netflix watchers binge-watched all of season one’s hour long episodes.

And ladies and gentlemen, for any TV show, that’s an impressive feat.

While the award is nice (and yes, the speech by the show’s heroic Chief Hopper and Winona Rider’s wide-ranging facial expressions constructed the viral highlight of the night for the Netflix sensation), let’s celebrate the overall awesomeness of Stranger Things by seeing and listening to portions of the show’s incredible synthesized soundtrack…

as performed by three cello players.

Those string things are pretty cool.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.