Happy Monday!

Tomorrow is the day…

This presidential election has been unusually consumed and driven by negativity and dire forecasts for our future. While it’s true that every election (national, state and local) is competitive and has the potential to get heated, we must figure out ways to overcome the divisiveness by proposing an appealingly positive vision. The reassuring saving grace to remember is that the future isn’t predetermined and, if people are able to bottle their individual energy and ideas into a force for the better, then one of those moments that redefine sciety can happen.

The greatest part of America isn’t the president, but the American people. And if our leaders remember this eternal truth, then our future can be the best of what we the people envision.

For the time between now and election day tomorrow, here’s a reminder of the wonder and happiness that is our world when two completely different beings come together for a moment of sheer joy.

A baby penguin and a zoologist for the win.

Have an Inspired Week!


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