The Core of Apple’s Genius

An apple rolled into a mall…

This blog has, on many occasions, paid tribute and explored the various reasons how and why Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak revolutionized the world with their visionary technology. Lightning in a bottle is being modest when discussing that small tech company known as Apple. Equal to its imaginative quality and inventive prowess is the seamless accessibility of the insanely great products in its store.

Apple, in somewhat groundbreaking fashion, popularized the modern mentality that its store patrons ask questions. Lots of questions. Apple’s retail culture encourages curiosity with current and potential customers. Most retail store employees (regardless of industry) will answer a few inquiries, but ultimately expect a purchase of an item or items. In other words, a more linear business model. Interestingly, the Apple store was envisioned with practice and learning in mind. Technology is a complicated field and perhaps the real genius behind the Cupertino, California-based company is not with its informative bar, but instead with its inviting culture to all those intrigued by its line of cool products.

15 years ago, the Apple store was conceptualized into an exciting reality.

The come in, sit down and stay awhile attitude altered the shopping and browsing in a mall paradigm from being more directly motivated by total sales towards a more indirect connection with customers who are returning and who are new, leading to another sale or a first sale. This is not to suggest that Apple store employees aren’t clever salespersons. Quite the contrary. However, the way they are presenting and promoting their products, and more importantly their brand, is the impressive change agent.

As technology continues to transform individuals and societies into digital ecosystems, let’s not forget the late Steve Jobs believed in bridging the past and future together and not apart. Like the Apple store, if the personal connection is the overarching priority in collaboration with its product offerings, then innovation will not only take flight, but exceed all perceived expectations.

This way, the conversation between business and customer continues far into the future.

That’s just one reason why millions of people pick-up an apple Apple each day. 


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