The Bachelorette’s First Rose Ceremony

A real-life guest will be arriving next March.

Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney animations. The 1991 classic, stacked in the back of your closet in its endearingly boxy VHS case, helped to define a golden decade of Disney films. The magical nature of the story, characters and settings in the nearly 25 year-old animation has always begged a more realistic take be imagined and built.

Get ready for the ball, in three-dimensions.

In only one day, the teaser trailer for this live-action movie has received just shy of 8 million views with overwhelmingly positive reactions. Will the film succeed at the box office and with movie fans? Very likely. Take a look at the cast:

  • Emma Watson (Belle)
  • Dan Stevens (Beast)
  • Luke Evans (Gaston)
  • Ewan McGregor (Lumiere)
  • Ian McKellen (Cogsworth)
  • Josh Gad (Le Fou)
  • Stanley Tucci (Forte)
  • Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts)
  • Kevin Kline (Maurice)

Will the live-action surpass the original animation? Not likely. However, the teaser trailer and casting decisions (especially Emma Watson as Belle) seem to be influenced by a bit of vintage ’90s Disney magic. In the very little we’ve seen and know, fans of the 1991 favorite will probably feel wonderfully nostalgic in the best ways come next March.

Emma Watson will once again cast a mesmerizing spell on audiences from a mysteriously grand castle.

Except this time, she’ll cause jaws to drop in that famous yellow dress.


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