FIFA’s Questionable Call

What is the opposite of a shocking revelation?

“While acknowledging for the first time that votes were bought in past World Cup hosting contests, FIFA is seeking to claim “tens of millions of dollars” in bribe money seized by U.S. federal prosecutors.”
–Associated Press

Then there’s this.

“FIFA claims it is the victim of corrupt individuals, despite widespread criticism that bribe-taking was embedded in its culture in the presidencies of Joao Havelange and Sepp Blatter, who was forced from office after 17 years by the current scandal.”
–Associated Press

Should we be shocked at this point?

First, there have been countless assertions throughout the past decade of institutions failing all around us. Remember though, it’s not so much the institutions failing as much as the people running those institutions who are letting people down.

Second, when leaders in powerful positions are revealed as corrupt, the guilty parties should/need to recognize and sincerely apologize for their deceit and/or willful ignorance to the public. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the stance of FIFA. When widespread hearsay became an infuriating reality for the global soccer organization in the summer of 2015, one presumed a 180-degree turn in tone and approach.

One would be wrong.

Does FIFA have a legitimate gripe?

In a courtroom, perhaps.

In the real world, seen through the lens of soccer’s most impassioned fans?

Everyone roll your eyes and put your hands in the air with a dispirited expression aimed into the unknown.

Soccer doesn’t have instant replay, but FIFA’s assertions certainly requires a second and third look to be believed for its specious contention.

At first glance, it looks out-of-bounds.


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