I’m Lovin’ 10:30 Again

“McDonald’s has given us so much. We wouldn’t know when breakfast ends if there was no McDonald’s…Thank you McDonald’s.”
–Jim Gaffigan

Starting today, McDonald’s is giving us the unthinkable in 2015. In short, breakfast norms be damned!

After years of requests and frustration over the pesky 10:30 a.m. barrier that separates us from amazing hash browns and the impossibly delicious french fries, executives at the McDonald’s headquarters are finally releasing the most anticipated toy for their consumers.

Breakfast foods will now be offered all-day long.

To say this is a cultural revolution is both foolish and completely accurate. As is customary in revolutions, consequences will surely follow after the initial glows of success. For instance, longer lines in the drive-thru and inside the restaurant will almost surely happen. Our “usual” go-to meal in the afternoon is being directly challenged by our morning routine. This will cause an initial delay in the “fast part” of fast food.

An Egg McMuffin v. The Premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich? Filet-O-Fish v. Fruit & Maple Oatmeal? Hash Browns v. French Fries?

For the latter, here’s the mind-blowing solution: One Hash Brown and a Small Fry.

Boom! Success.

Most importantly, we will never have to experience this hardship again…

If McDonald’s marketing department wanted this campaign to go crazy viral, they would have focused on that memorable video clip that we can all relate to in some way. They could have bought the rights to use that exact clip or, better yet, they should have hired Adam Sandler to re-shoot that scene with a different, happier (but still funny) outcome and a clever tie-in/cameos from the original movie.

That would have been brilliant.

The best marketing and advertising tells a story and in the age of social media, pop culture/comedy icons and ’90s nostalgia, incorporating that scene from the 1999 film Big Daddy would have turned a promotion to the consumer into something we would connect with and share with our friends and family (consumers) voluntarily with excitement that goes beyond ordering food.

Talk about a happy meal.


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