Daily Archives: February 16, 2015

Happy Monday!

Saturday Night Live has been providing late night sketches with some of the biggest names in comedy beginning with its very first cast back in 1975. Whether cast members and/or writers stayed for one season, seven or more, or if comedy greats today auditioned but didn’t make the cut, last night’s celebration at Studio 8H was an iconic moment for comedy. There was a history of SNL rap by the fan-favorite Fallon-Timberlake bromance, Steve Martin (need I say more?), a Jeopardy game with perfect categories for Sean Connery to mispronounce, a Californians sketch with a vintage mile-high goodbye, musical melodies from unforgettable duos, classic fake commercials, before unseen audition tapes, an In Memoriam remembering past giants, including with the very much alive and well Jon Lovitz sitting stunned in the audience, the return from one of its greats, a Q&A about nothing, a Wayne’s World episode 40 years in the making, cameos galore and countless clips from our favorite skits.

(Click the bottom right icon for sound and click on the video to stop and play)

One of the best parts about live television (and SNL in particular) is waiting for comedic professionals to break character. In so many situations, when the actors and actresses start laughing, that actually makes the skit so much more hilarious and memorable. Fortunately, there’s a special digital short for that:

Once again, let’s not forget to give another standing ovation to the man who envisioned it all 40 years ago and who has discovered and launched some of the best careers in comedy: Lorne Michaels.

Live from New York, it will always be Saturday Night!