Daily Archives: February 4, 2015

The Fresh Prince of Tonight

Yes, yes and yes!

Jimmy Fallon is not a stand-up king like Jay Leno, but he carries the shining torch of The Tonight Show with creativity, perspective and, above all, laughs. His stand-up is funny, but still not to Leno’s level. To be fair though, Leno is on an island when it comes to his jokes and delivery written for late night television.

Instead, Fallon complements his short stand-up at the top of the show with hilarious sketches and character performances (usually with willing celebrity guests), which continues to solidify his connection and comedic expertise with his audience. Many of his viewers, like myself, feel like Jimmy and I (my name’s also Jimmy) are thinking exactly the same as to what would be amazing to see each weekday night. Plus, his love for ’90s nostalgia is an alley-oop of awesomeness!

Case and point:

Just as Will Smith connected with viewers with his sitcom sensation The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jimmy Fallon continues to prove he gets it as host of The Tonight Show. 

(Insert the coolest handshake in history)