Peacefully Whisked Away

Here’s a little taste of my recent trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the long Memorial Day weekend with some of my family:

“What kind of fruit is in the fruit cup?” my sister asked,
“Fruit” was the waitress’s response, so pithy and fast
We all got a big laugh as we came to realize in that instance,
of the unfiltered truth of the Volunteer State and its simplistic brilliance
The journey was an experience, that’s for sure,
especially traveling with two small children, with screams so pure
The imaginative street signs, the trees, the smoky mountains and the clean, crisp air,
is enough to immerse oneself into the culture and rock back and forth without a care
This includes playing miniature golf on a hillside one Saturday night,
at a place called “Hillbilly Golf,” which left us helplessly joking with smiles so bright
“Is that King Kong climbing on the side of that building over there?”
Sure it is, because why not? It’s just a little Tennessee flair
Up, down, and around we drove the mountain roads, searching for the place,
with the rooms to sleep in that had a view that would pleasantly shock any grumpy face
Overlooking at the towns below was a wondrous site,
peaking over the edge at the maximum height
The two-story cabin was beautiful, a great home base,
a perfect location to find some natural grace
The food was delicious, with breakfast setting the tone,
from the bacon to the eggs and french toast, it got us all into the Southern zone
This past weekend was an adventure, aided by a soothing breeze,
especially for those who zip-lined through and over the trees
Turning 180 degrees, the canon ball and the front flip,
were just a few of the ways to do a ‘Tennessee zip’
But for those who didn’t fly through the air with an audible swish,
they took a walk across a stunning bridge and made a special wish
Strolling through town, there were sights to remember, including the borderline eerie,
like venturing through pottery stores, goofy t-shirt warehouses and getting a picture with the cardboard gang of “The Big Bang Theory!”
And being from Ohio, there’s something all us Ohioans know,
which is whenever and wherever we hear OH-we always respond with an enthusiastic IO!
Monday was special occasion and not just for all those who protect us,
but because it was also the birthday for one of my sisters, a terrific plus!
Gifts were purchased and people relaxed in rare moments of serenity,
it was the ideal setting to rejuvenate one’s identity

Tennessee, I’d volunteer another weekend for you!

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