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How We Met The Mother

Last night, during the double-episode season nine premiere, fans of “How I Met Your Mother” not only got a recap of how most of the gang gets to Farhampton Inn for Barney and Robin’s wedding, but also a classically written script/reminder of the essence that has kept people hooked for so many years under this show’s deliberate guise of mystery. There were struggles last year with presenting compelling and entertaining story and plot lines, but if the season premiere was any indication, this should be a legen-wait for it kind of send off.

One weekend left, just one weekend left.

Without going too in-depth or giving spoilers away since we live in the digital era of DVR and delayed online viewing, this recap will focus on broad story lines.

First, Marshall’s Mom is again hilarious. It needs to be stated right off the top. Second and every one hereafter:

  • Barney and Robin are tested in more ways than one
  • Ted’s bachelorhood humorously gets the third degree…but at least he gets a treat at the end of it
  • Lily is a Mom through and through, becomes best friends with the helpful Linus (Yes, Linus) and spends quality time with The Mother
  • Marshall’s Minnesota/Midwestern politeness is pushed to the limit, all the while having to explain social media etiquette to his Mom. Hilarity ensues as mentioned above
  • The Mother meets Lily and is very quick witted when it comes to aptly naming baked goods

While viewers saw and heard the first few words from The Mother during the final seconds of last season’s finale, last night’s episode gave everyone a chance to start to discover and experience her made-for-Ted personality. She didn’t disappoint. Oh, and she is very good with nicknames by the way.

Beyond the unique premise of this show, the essence of what has made it so popular is how it mostly follows and slightly breaks from the typical sitcom model. It has the definitive hangout, the hopeless romantic lead, the funny and outrageous complementary characters, entertaining guest stars, intriguing plot twists, a fair share of happy and heart-wrenching moments and random, yet dependable sources of wisdom.

However, it also has something other shows don’t have.

And that’s a foundation of random chance.

More than other shows, “How I Met Your Mother” thrives on the notion that every decision we make has enormous consequences, both potentially good and bad. If we turn right or left, our life’s path could all instantly change. Most other great sitcoms incorporate this dynamic of fate, but not at the level and brevity of this sitcom.

Anything can happen at anytime. The Universe gives us infinite doors to walk through and infinite turns to make, all at our discretion. It’s about what we want to do or think we must do that defines where we go, who we are and ultimately become when we sit on that porch many moons down the road.

We’re all wild cards. It’s just a matter of figuring out when we’ll play our hand.

It’s been some time, but welcome back “How I Met Your Mother,” welcome back.

Happy Monday!

Waking up every Monday morning can feel like, well, a battle.

When those alarm sounds blare from our nightstand, it’s never a happy occasion. It’s just not how these mornings are designed. Despite the fact that once we get past the third go-around of our alarm and that tonight is the start of the new television season for some great shows both old and new, it still feels like a war to get going.

Yeah, definitely war. But remember, it’s not whether or not the alarm will ring, but it’s how we react that makes all the difference…

Happy Monday! What is it good for? Absolutely everything, watch it again!

P.S. I wonder if they sell this as a ringtone/alarm tone!?

Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light Go.

Today’s forecast is calling for more rain here in the Midwest. Splashing around in April Showers have transformed into enjoying random downpours courageously described as some-more showers (Summer  = some more…I tried).

The point is that rain and thunderstorms have not been uncommon this summer. Actually, it’s been quite fitting for any Midwestern city. Six days of the week are normal, but on that seventh day, whichever one it may be, Mother Nature humorously throws us a curve ball from a past or future season.

We never pack our seasonal clothes away here. We’re always prepared with a perfectly nonsensical combination of winter coat and a pair of shorts.

It actually looks pretty cool, but whatever…

While I was thinking about the rain that’s collecting in the heavens, preparing to descend on this clear summer day, my eyes were drawn to my yellow post-it notes on my desk at work. Undeniably eye-catching. There is no chance I will ever not see that bright yellow pad during the day. No chance. It’s like a sign of some sort…a very bright, obvious, conspicuous sign.

Yellow is a color that is unmistakably bold. It is by no means a color of subtlety. It represents warmth, happiness and purpose. Even fate.

It’s really surprising that more people have not embraced this color, especially when it rains.

We’ve all seen the show and know the story by now…

The Bicentennial!

This is the 200th Post on Jimmy’s Daily Planet!

It’s a bit surreal to be writing my 200th blog post. To be more precise, it was never on my horizon to even think this far into the future when I first started Jimmy’s Daily Planet. I knew what I wanted this website to be in the beginning and it’s been gradually evolving with each new post. I for one am truly excited to see where it continues to go from here!

Just reflecting solely on the number 200 reminds me of what a big number it is. The United States of America is 237 years old, there are more than 200 restaurants in New York City…plus 4,000 other ones, an electric motorcycle has broken the 200 mph barrier, there are at least 200 different types of wine in most grocery stores these days and I’ve probably quoted my favorite television shows and movies more than 200 times.

But maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. Whose perspective? How about a robot with a perfectly pertinent name for today’s celebratory occasion with the always amazing Sam Neill as his somewhat reluctant comedic sidekick:

(Oh, and this post is also two hundred words long)

Here’s to 200 More!