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Was He Wearing Sidewinder Cleats?

Let’s relive a classic from 2012.


Learning to Color

A glass of water is half full. Or is it half empty?

Sam: “This sandwich is delicious!”
John: “No, this sandwich is terrible.”
Dalton: “It’s not the best, but it’s pretty good.”

Some see things in black and white. Others may see the gray area.

One of the pinnacle phenomenon’s of the human mind is how person x can see something one way and person y can see it completely differently. Then, person z can see the same thing and give a reaction in the space between person x and person y.

Whatever the situation, people will react similarly or differently, with varying degrees in between. But these are the two very basic reactions of any human mind to an event or occurrence.

“This is great” or This sucks I mean, “This inhales profusely!”

“That was a smart decision” or “That was dumb.”

“Love it” or “List it” (I concede that it is a mildly addicting show, eh).

But here is one of the truly remarkable characteristics about this dynamic: In some circumstances, the presence of an outlier with definitively rigid opinions can become the catalyst that surprisingly brings the masses together.

Wait, what?

Even upon brief reflection, it doesn’t make much sense on the surface. The odd one out is the one who unites the larger population of people who are considered the inside? How does that work? Aren’t there reasons why this person is on the outside to begin with?

One word: Apple.

When we hear this word, some of us initially think of a deliciously tasty red fruit. Others recall the ending to a well-known movie adapted from a best-selling book. However, after these first reactions, a majority of us are probably thinking of computers, tablets, phones, music players, etc.

Apple = Fruit = World Altering Password = Technology = Steve Jobs.

Most accounts portrayed the late Steve Jobs as a black and white thinker/innovator. He had a vision and that was that. Period. If you agreed and did what he needed, then great, welcome. If not, you were fired. Astonishingly, it was his rebellious thought process, wild ideas and relentless one-track mind that ultimately united consumers of all mindsets and backgrounds with Apple’s wide array of technologically ground-breaking products.

Do you own an iPhone? An iPad? An iPod? A MacBook Pro? If not, have you ever used one?

Most people, in my opinion, would not characterize Steve Jobs as normal. He was not part of the mainstream of American society. He was different. But, incredibly, this outlier became a beloved figure and thinker to the inside.

Steve Jobs rigidly saw things in black and white, and yet, in doing so, he opened the world to all the colors and opportunities in between.

Most people will color inside a box, but it takes something special to want to discover what’s outside the lines…

P.S. I learned about the trailer via a tweet from Ashton Kutcher on my iPhone 4s.

Defining Bruce

Because of the nature of life, each of us faces an infinite number of choices and makes a finite number of decisions in our lifetimes. Just as it’s fascinating to study history on a decade-by-decade basis, the same goes for ourselves when reflecting on the person we are at various ages. For some of us, there is dramatic change and, for others, not so much. Our lives are impacted by controlled settings, while also being influenced by variable happenstance.

Relative to our own lives, with every passing minute, we make cognizant and subconscious choices about the person we want our peers to see, both familiar and unfamiliar. Do we appear to be nice? Are we seen as attractive? Do I look intelligent? Are we the same great kid we used to be? These are just a few sample questions we may ask ourselves before venturing out into the public. For most of the people we encounter, they have never met us and, therefore, don’t know who we really are. The window of opportunity is small, but the right impression can make a lasting impression. Some of us put more thought and consideration into whether or not our aura is appropriately glowing (thank you Topanga!).

Understanding what we want on a random Friday night, or in life, can be easy. Or, it can be difficult and spark deep, introspective reflections. The answers can be clear one moment and cloudy the next.

Coming to the right conclusions requires a continuous education of ourselves and of the world that surrounds us, both in relative peace and chaos.

Expect the unexpected and remember the key is being able to recognize when it’s time to swim and when it’s time to act, whatever that means.

(Please turn the volume up)

A Super Cameo?

There has been a super discussion about whether or not Christopher Reeve made a one second cameo in, “Man of Steel.” Someone using the website Reddit recently laid out the frame-by-frame sequence where he believes 1978s Superman made an appearance in the 2013 theatrical adaptation of the greatest superhero of all-time. There was a YouTube video made of this split-second moment in the movie.

What do you think!?