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Where Am I?

The sun is shining, with gorgeous views,
the water glistens and sparkles, with a hue so blue
Then all of a sudden, a torrential storm will pop-up,
raining enough to fill more than one shaking cup
Detached from the daily grind it is, an envious trait,
be sure to apply sunscreen and bring along some bait
But beware of the sharks, as well as this dangerous park,
their footprints leave terrifying, scream-worthy marks
Don’t think so literally, let your imagination sway,
now take a deep breath and enjoy your playful lay by the bay!

I am in…


Used for filming the 1993 cinematic masterpiece Jurassic Park and scenes in the 2015 box office champion Jurassic World, Kaua’i is a breathtakingly beautiful destination, with or without genetically-engineered dinosaurs. As one of the Hawaiian islands, it’s a spectacular place to vacation. Allowing the sights and sounds to overwhelm you is a well worth the price of the airline ticket and journey to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

(Kauai Landmark Realty)

(Kauai Landmark Realty)

(Courtyard Kaua'i at Coconut Beach)

(Courtyard Kaua’i at Coconut Beach)

Aside from Jurassic Park, Kaua’i is also where my family and I met Pierce Brosnan waiting in line at a local lunch spot! And yes, he was 007-level cool. Hawaii is a special place for me, and this island in particular. It’s been a wonderful destination and the halfway point in flying to Australia. Just simply incredible.

And Kaua’i is where I am so often when daydreaming…

Dating’s Blind Detour



Why isn’t she here yet? What do I say next? Do I kiss her goodnight on the first date?

These timeless conundrums are being thrown out the window and into airplanes and rickshaws with backpacks and (just guessing) a Ford hybrid vehicle of some sort nearby for the craziest blind-date imaginable. The Amazing Race returns tonight for a blind date-themed competition. Half the teams consist of people who are currently dating and half of them volunteered to compete on the Amazing Race not only with someone they’ve never met before, but with someone who they will also be looking to impress under the most stressful situations whilst navigating around the world.

Seems completely crazy, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not as insane as one might initially think. First, The Amazing Race is a ridiculously cool show. An incredible time will be had regardless. And second, one of the most awkward aspects of going on a blind-date is figuring out the best way to introduce yourself and determining what to talk about. How about, “Hi! I’m Jimmy. Ready to go on the best adventure of your life?”

On second thought, who needs Phil and a passport for that?

The Amazing Race starts tonight at 9:30 p.m. on CBS for a 90-minute special.

‘in all the towns, in all the world’

As members of my family travel through and experience cultural staples of a few European capitals this week, their final destination abroad is one that truly seems out of this world (regardless of its definitive realness). For a short time, they will enjoy the eternally nostalgic city of Casablanca, Morocco. If you’ve seen the entire 1942 classic, or even just a scene or two, it’s mesmerizing and seductive for all the right reasons: the setting, plot, characters and that unforgettable airport runway.

Since today is Thursday, it’s only appropriate that the adventurous trailer of that masterpiece from the golden age of Hollywood be shown in connection with their journey.

“Here’s looking at you, Throwback Thursday.”

Flying out of a Garage

If you can, pick the window seat.

Florian Seiffert

Florian Seiffert on Flickr (“Düsseldorf in the morning”)

Flying on an airplane is not what is used to be and this is true in a myriad of ways, specifically regarding comfort and cost. Back in 2012, Joe Brancatelli of Seat 2B-fame in The Business Journals publication discovered a fascinating (yet frustrating) trend of modern air travel that’s taken-off and continues to rise.

“In 2001, fuel was 10 percent of the airline industry’s operating costs. Today, energy consumes about 35 percent of their budgets…”

Is there a solution on the horizon?

Who knows?

Hopefully there is…Nonetheless, perhaps the most devastating reality of higher fuel costs is the constraints it puts on adventure-minded individuals all around the globe who yearn to immerse themselves in new cities and cultures for memories that will last a lifetime (regardless of age). It’s a surreal experience to witness others living in a completely different way than ourselves…and in many of these cases, people are smiling, content and just grateful for what they have.

To see it is incredible, enlightening and inspiring.

And the fun to be had on such excursions is unforgettable, wherever the destination.

Connectivity has undeniably taken on its own language within the digitally overwhelming social media universe, but what about aimlessly walking foreign streets one afternoon and meeting a local baker or taking in a show in a beautiful theater or witnessing an impromptu dance competition with kids in the activity center of a worn down neighborhood in the Indonesian hillside?

To paraphrase Thomas Friedman, the world has never been flatter. However, most of the world (financially) seems to be in a static state of uncertainty. Imagine the possibilities if we were to open up more affordable lanes of travel again by discovering a cheaper fuel alternative? That would be a connection (pardon the pun) that could provide more chances to travel more randomly on a whim.

It is mid-boggling to look at round-trip flights just from Columbus, Ohio to NYC and see air fares that start at $300-$400. I mean, I’m not looking to leave tomorrow or fly on a water bed. It can be unbelievable…the fares, that is.

There is a television commercial that highlights how some of the greatest innovations of the 20th century started in American garages. It’s time for the next era of consumer aviation to spread its wings out wide. Maybe someone is sketching out the answer to the fuel cost problem on a tool table right now?

Hey, crazier things have happened.

The cost of (not) flying reaches far beyond the pump and into the unknown.

Hopefully (thanks to someone with crazy ingenuity), we’ll know soon.