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Happy Monday!


Awesome, bittersweet, complicated, suspenseful, devastating, resilient and glorious are just a few words that encapsulate the 111th gridiron match-up of The greatest rivalry in all of sports between The Ohio State Buckeyes and That Team Up North. The Buckeyes dominated the first and last two minutes of the first half, while Michigan controlled the other 26 minutes. The result was a 14-14 tie at halftime. The second half was a bit of a back-and-forth battle, before Ohio State pulled ahead by a touchdown.

Then, it happened.

It, for the second time this year, led to the starting Buckeyes quarterback suffering a season-ending injury. For freshman phenom J.T. Barrett, it was a fractured ankle in a cringe-worthy tackle/dirty move by the Wolverine defense. The only positive takeaway from this heartbreaking moment was when rival quarterback Devin Gardner knelt down beside Barrett to console him in a great act of sportsmanship.

Well done Gardner, well done.

Playing their third string quarterback for the duration of the fourth quarter, Cardale Jones and the rest of the Ohio State offense (and defense) held strong and even extended their lead in exciting fashion in front of their anxious home crowd. For Michigan’s head coach Brady Hoke, cognizant of his steady decline of success in Ann Arbor the past few years, it seemed fitting that Ohio State’s third string quarterback effectively signed his walking papers in his final appearance (very likely anyways) in The Game held in the state of his birth.

Brady Hoke always likes to poke at Ohio State by calling us “Ohio.”

Well, “OH-IO,” Mr. Hoke, “OH-IO.”

Then, news of a missing senior walk-on with concussion issues since mid-last week made local and national headlines. Devastatingly, the story did not end well. We don’t need to go into details.

The 111th edition of The Game featured a full-range of emotions. The Buckeyes won their treasured Gold Pants for the 9th time in the last 10 years in the best damn rivalry in the land. Even with the somber news, let’s try to remember the positives from this past Saturday.

Ohio State vs. Michigan really is the greatest rivalry in sports.

Have a Great Week (Especially For All of Us Buckeyes)!


A Leap of Craziness

There is an annual tradition at The Ohio State University for students to jump into the famed Mirror Lake during Michigan “That Team Up North Week.” This leap is usually quite cold because it takes place in mid-late November. However, Mother Nature decided to test the sheer will and bravery of the Buckeye faithful this Winter season with extra frigid winds and plenty of fresh snow to play with in ways that can only be concocted in college.

All of us can now say in unison, “I miss college!”

How many fans would make the bone-chilling leap, despite new campus restrictions requiring participants to wear a wristband…?

Was there ever a doubt? This is The Mirror Lake Leap during “That Team Up North Week.” Just as the Buckeyes will take the field on a blisteringly cold Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor, the fans have once again clearly shown their dedication and solidarity with the men in scarlet and gray.

Borderline freezing weather? What borderline freezing weather?

The question of the week: What heats up a frozen Buckeye?

Kicking That Team Up North’s ___ (clearing my throat) football team.

Go Bucks!