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A Star Only Shines After a Trek Through Many Wars

There may not be a more important word in the world of science-fiction than, “star.”

Exhibit A: The eternally epic debate of Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

Why bring this random piece of information up?

Glad you asked. You see, in life, it’s essential that we are overwhelmingly passionate about at least one thing. And the subject matter isn’t the critical part, but just that you care deeply about something. If you’re lucky, this passion will coincide with your job.

Exhibit B: Jordan Schlansky.

(Warning: There is a bleeped 4-letter word at the beginning and end of this video).

Advice: Put your head into the stars and dream big this week…and in life.

Live long and

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Yeah, I’m a Star Wars fan.

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Famed actor and science-fiction icon Leonard Nimoy passed away today at the age of 83. Known primarily for his role as Spock in the popular television series Star Trek, Nimoy also did many other media ventures, including sitting in the director’s chair for the 1987 classic Three Men and a Baby. While I’m not a Star Trek fan/Trekkie, I do know that he’s an important figure in science-fiction popular culture. Surprisingly, his best “cameo” in television’s #1 comedy The Big Bang Theory was in name/DNA only.

Sheldon’s reaction encapsulates how many people viewed Mr. Nimoy.

Leonard Nimoy: Live Long and Happily in Our Memories.