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A Star Only Shines After a Trek Through Many Wars

There may not be a more important word in the world of science-fiction than, “star.”

Exhibit A: The eternally epic debate of Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

Why bring this random piece of information up?

Glad you asked. You see, in life, it’s essential that we are overwhelmingly passionate about at least one thing. And the subject matter isn’t the critical part, but just that you care deeply about something. If you’re lucky, this passion will coincide with your job.

Exhibit B: Jordan Schlansky.

(Warning: There is a bleeped 4-letter word at the beginning and end of this video).

Advice: Put your head into the stars and dream big this week…and in life.

Live long and

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Yeah, I’m a Star Wars fan.


Will Qatar Shine in 2022?

There has been quite a heated debate centered on the 2022 World Cup and whether or not “the beautiful game” can still be played and enjoyed beautifully in 100 + degree Summer heat? Qatar is the host nation (thus far) and is comfortably situated in the desert sands and unrelentingly scorching sun of the Middle East.

Once again, the most obvious and asked question: Why would the World Cup, the most important soccer tournament in the world with the best nations and players, ever be held in the Middle East when soccer/football/futbol is played outside?

Answer: Money.

The answer is literally money.

The FIFA Secretary General, Frenchman Jerome Valcke, recently noted that the 2022 World Cup will be played, ”between Nov. 15 and Jan. 15 at the latest.”

Is this a good change for the sport and its most important tournament?

Important note: I have traveled to Doha, Qatar and it was wonderful to visit. The hotel was top-notch with an unforgettable indoor pool reminiscent of a palace. The city’s skyscrapers shine magnificently in the sun and the night sky as a visual portal into the future of what cities will aspire to become throughout the still young 21st century. The best word to describe the city and country now and in the future is new. The buildings are new, the hotels are new and the future to be seen and visited by the world will be new.

But soccer is old. Pubs that smell of beer, fish and chips and varying degrees of heartache and jubilation are filled with men and women, young and old, telling stories of that goal or the save to their children or grandchildren or even a perfect stranger. Framed pictures of cherished moments, colorful scarves and jerseys with legendary last names hang on walls. The pub, in and of itself, it just as much a club as the soccer club its patrons cheer so passionately for during the week and on those perfect Saturdays afternoons.

The sport is old. The love is old. The traditions are old. The stadiums are old. And the stadiums that aren’t old in appearance are old in spirit. The passion is old, but vibrant and palpable.

Walks along narrow, crooked neighborhood streets in the cold rain on the way to the game matter. Trekking up a hill or across a field in Germany to a match at sunset with fans of both nations is an incredible feeling. Walking around a historic city square with men, women and children proudly sporting their nation’s colors and singing their respective anthems matters as it sends chills down one’s spine.

Atmosphere matters. Being surrounded by history, unforgettable stories and memories is significant and something to be treasured, celebrated and honored. Culture is special and is earned with scars, suspense and success.

Make no mistake: the stadiums and amenities in Qatar will be spectacular and luxurious and the host nation will spare no expense.

Except on the things that cannot be bought.