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Kevin’s Wireless Plan Guarantees You’re Never Home Alone

If you Google “greatest commercial ever,” then this brand new video will be the top result. Just give it a couple days.

1990 nostalgia gold for the win.

Well played, Google and Kevin McCallister…well played!

This Bud’s for All of Us…Someday

Is the Google Pixel less impressive than the iPhone X?

Arguably, yes.

Is the presentation style and delivery of the Google phone products less impressive (and a knock-off) of Apple and its famous product announcements?


However, did Pixel Buds by Google just give the giant search engine company a leg up on the beloved tech company concerning the most innovative headphones/earbuds from Silicon Valley?

I’m thinking yes…

For traveling in foreign lands, the Google Pixel Buds are a game-changer…sort of.

The presentation in the video above seems to infer that both parties need a Google phone and its accompanying Pixel Buds. That might become problematic, since I know nobody in the consumer-centric city of Columbus, OH who even owns a Google phone, let alone the far reaches of the globe. Regardless, innovation has never been and will never be a one-stop destination. Over time, the Pixel Buds (the tech, not necessarily the name) could evolve as the leading mobile tech device for bridging the language barriers of people from all over the world in quick conversational moments.

And the key phrase there is “could evolve.” If the right company with a wider net of smartphone customers is able to take the impressive tech from the Pixel Buds and advance the features in such a way that it becomes marketable (ie-practical) for the general public to purchase and use, then that’s when the game-changing moment will occur in the travel sector and beyond. If only Google could utilize their search engine base (almost everybody) and partner with a rival that is the king of smartphones as well as introducing game-changing portable technology?

Bing bing! Ding ding!

The good news is Google can hear this obvious answer in 40 some odd languages.


Happy Monday!

Monday’s can feel like a bit of a haze after a fun weekend. There are doses of creative hopefulness mixed with reality. Or, in other words, it’s when the real world collides with a fantasy world.

Courtesy of Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson and The Internship (and Google’s awesome playing field), let’s approach today on an imaginative high:

Happy Monday!   

Define Efficiency

There are two options for researching the meaning of words: in a book or on a computer.

Which one do you think is more efficient? Are you leaning heavily towards the computer? Let’s conduct an experiment.

Using Google, type, “labyrinth definition.” After an exhaustive 0.31 seconds, there were approximately three million results for this specific search. Mind-boggling!

Now, using a hand-held dictionary, look up the word, “labyrinth.” While there was only one definition and it took a few seconds to locate, there are now tens of thousands of other words at your immediate convenience.

In this quest for a definition, but ultimately knowledge, which option cast a better, wider net?

Between the book and the computer, which one proves to be more of a labyrinth to an immediate abundance of information?

Mind-boggling indeed.