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RIP Charles Krauthammer

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Charles Krauthammer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, has died at 68 years of age.

He was a towering figure in the journalistic community and equally so in conservative circles. Perhaps the only person who could hang with Mr. Krauthammer in a conversation regarding politics, policy or baseball–which was most important to him–is George Will.

I remember seeing Charles Krauthammer as I was preparing to board a plane in D.C. The famed commentator sped by as he quickly departed from his flight into America’s political capital. And even though there was no opportunity for a personal introduction or moment to thank him for his reasoned yet pointed perspectives, just seeing him in-person was special and memorable.

RIP Charles Krauthammer. 


The Beautiful Match?

It’s Friday night. People are out. Candles are lit. Magic is in the air, but will Houdini show up and put on a show for the ages or will it be the neighborhood rookie attempting a performance far beyond his skill-set?

Either way, there’s only one man who can tell this story as it happens without getting the least bit nervy.

In the play-by-play sense, he’s a player in his own right.

Talk about pulling out a Diego Forlán in stoppage time.