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21/20 Vision

Champions are always focused in one direction.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps defeated his ready room rival Chad le Clos in the 200m butterfly tonight in the Rio Olympics. The photo above perfectly encapsulates this week’s 1 v 1 battle between Mr. Phelps and Mr. le Clos. The latter was animated against the former before the semifinal race yesterday and the final tonight, which saw the former winning both races.

For clarity’s sake: Michael Phelps swam faster than Chad le Clos in the semifinal and final races, which ultimately translated to Mr. Phelps winning gold. Chad le Clos may have won the unofficial dance-off between the two, but Michael Phelps officially won his 20th gold medal.

Not his 20th medal, but his 20th Olympic gold medal.

And Chad le Clos didn’t even reach the medal podium for the 200m butterfly. You could say his antics led to a Fool’s Gold performance.

P.S. Update: Michael Phelps and the 4 x 200m relay team from the United States just won a gold medal.

The Rolling Michael Phelps Gold Medal Count: 21.


March of a Penguin’s Love

We know that people would walk 500 miles (and then 500 more), but what about penguins?

Since elementary school, my love for penguins has been absolute. These flightless birds have majestic qualities and even received the documentary treatment with narration from none other than Morgan Freeman. Whether it’s the waddle, the serene way in which they swim or their impeccable formal dinner party style, this animal seems to have a special place in people’s hearts. This despite the fact that a penguin is not the fiercest, not the strongest and not the most agile creature on Earth.

However, there’s an argument to made for penguins being the best animal on this planet.

With all of the chaos and problems around the globe, it’s inspiring to see a story like Dindim and his Brazilian friend that reminds us of the wonder and love in the world.

Is it legal to adopt a penguin as a pet?

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday’s blog was dedicated to a big picture review of the box office record-shattering behemoth Jurassic World. So, today’s post will be a special Tuesday-edition of “Happy Monday!” I’m actually seeing Jurassic World again tonight, but this time in 3D. Reaction will follow tomorrow. However, the focus from that Central American theme park yesterday will respectfully shift south for a genuine thrill on the soccer pitch.

Neymar, that’s just money.

Have a Record-Breaking Week!

Happy Monday!

First off: Great job yesterday by the United States versus mighty Portugal. Literally except for the last seconds, it was one hell of an effort.

“I believe that we will win!” 

The top two teams from Group A and Group B will advance to the round of 16 later this afternoon. While Group B already has the Netherlands and Chile advancing, their match at noon on ESPN will determine the #1 and #2 seeds for the next round. Group A will likely see Brazil control Cameroon and secure the #1 spot, but the Croatia v. Mexico game should be an absolute thriller for #2 in the group. However, if Cameroon plays inspired, they could potentially prevent Brazil from the #1 spot or from even advancing depending on the result from the Croatia v. Mexico game…

Bottom line: Group A’s matches will be exciting to watch on ESPN and ESPN2 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

While relaxing late last night watching television, I saw the scene below. It wasn’t the first time I had seen it, but it rang surprisingly true for this World Cup because it doesn’t always matter what teams or players are supposedly better or superior in certain skill-sets, but whether or not they win the big games when it counts.

Happy Monday and Congratulations Again to the San Antonio Spurs!