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Will This Turn You into Someone New?

I am a massive fan of the 1980s. The movies, music, fashion defined its timeless, influential cultural. This decade was one of the best.

What’s even more fun than writing about the glorious ’80s is watching a tribute to it…

As those famous talking heads would say: Have a once in a lifetime weekend!


‘Take Me Back to This!’

I recently watched “Take Me Home Tonight” (again), which is the story of a recent MIT graduate, Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), and his decision to remedy his biggest regret in life: not asking out Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer). She, in classic 80s slow motion fashion as this is when the movie takes place, starts to walk into the movie store where Matt is working. Upon this magical first glance, he hustles out the back door without her seeing while simultaneously ripping off his red work vest to casually stroll into the very same SunCoast Video Store from around the corner as a customer just moments later. Definitely choice.

This is not a scene by scene review, but instead a call to action from the past. Let’s set the scene for this movie: No cell phones, no texting, blazer sleeves were rolled up, sunglasses were worn at night, brightly colored clothing was proudly displayed, big hair with crazy twists filled the air, people acted wildly and had a blast, there was one-on-one conversing (what?), kids jumped on trampolines in a stranger’s backyard and embraced the thrill of being involved in a fight…a dance fight that is!

A house party in 2013:



A house party in 1988:

(Movie Reviews by FAQs online)

So much has changed in just 25 some odd years. Here’s to hoping that history will soon repeat itself, complete with wearing ties at parties, movies about a time machine made out of an everyday product, like a car, and video rental stores (this one in particular! See The Pleasures of Past “Inconveniences”).

You think I’m alone in my wishes? Just in the past couple years, “Hot Tub Time Machine” & “Take Me Home Tonight” have sent us ‘back in time’ to that decade when MTV played music (weird, right?). Does this mean a movie about the 1990s will be made soon? “Whoa!”

Regardless of the fact this is a trailer for a movie, just ponder if your Friday night at all compares to this:

With our smartphones, perhaps it would be smart to put the phone down once in a while and drive to a massive party in your boss’s cherry Mercedes, pretend to work at an elite investment bank to impress a girl and possibly roll down a hill in a giant steel ball.

This generation, meet last generation.