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Winnie the Pooh is…True?

Sort of.

Image result for winnie the pooh holding hand christopher robin

(Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, Disney)

Warning: Naming your stuffed animals can be life-changing.

Creativity is not something that can be memorized from a textbook. In its purest and most imapctful sense, creativity is a reaction or a feeling someone has to something or someone that few (if anyone else) sees. It happens when it happens. And creativity can be a truly wonderul thing when it rises from the normal everyday.

While we’ve all watched and enjoyed the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, including his best human friend Christopher Robin, it’s a safe bet that most of us don’t know the story-behind-the-story. Well, later this year, moviegoers will discover the former that inspired the latter.

To think it all started when British author A.A. Milne was casually introduced to some wonderfully named stuffed animals…

There is just something magical about England of yesteryear (or the days of yore, if you’re like Rachel Green) with its picturesque architecture and dreamlike parks. Maybe that special feeling we have is the result of so many creative people before who have subtly transformed these pleasant thoughts from England into our illustrious reality over the course of many generations? Cheers, either way. And it looks like Goodbye Christopher Robin aims to showcase one of those delightfully impressionable chapters in that evolving lineage of happy thoughts from that place across the pond.

A.A. Milne, his son and his cast of characters are not rock stars like the Beatles. However, their tale of heartwarming imagination continues to “top the charts” (of sorts) with children and parents alike, spanning multiple generations…like the Beatles.

Also like the Beatles, Winnie the Pooh wants to hold your hand.

O Captain! My Captain Under – Wait, What?

There are some blog posts that require very little introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, the following video requires only two words:

Captain Underpants.

That any serious movie studio would make such a film with that title and…

how soon can I purchase my tickets?

When a title is enough to make you laugh-out-loud (or “lol” for the younger readers), that’s a great first sign for any comedic story.

You Can’t Stop This Feeling with Siblings

Older siblings have always wondered about their younger brother or sister…

Being an uncle is not only about spending time with and goofing around with nieces and nephews, but also having a legitimate reason to see the newest animated movie as an adult. It’s true. Having been hooked by JT’s (Justin Timberlake’s) catchy song of the summer, “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” for several months, I was looking forward to seeing the movie that featured this song and those famous, crazy-haired troll dolls my older sisters collected way back when.

“Trolls” is in theaters and, lucky for me, one of my nieces invited me to see the latest film in the DreamWorks film roll. Now, since “Trolls” is still new, no spoilers will follow. Instead, what caught my eye was a preview for a new animation from the same movie studio that might have also caught the eye of my niece. She is an older sister to twin baby boys and, perhaps, the trailer below rang somewhat true with her…

and me as well, the youngest of three kids.

Well played, DreamWorks…well played.

P.S. Apparently, political commentator and former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough is the inspiration for the animated father. 

Letting Go of Winter

Disney proved they are the kings queens of winter.

Now, they are trying their hand at an island paradise.

The next female heroine will arrive in theaters November 23rd, courtesy of Walt Disney’s Animation Studio, in Moana. Taking place thousands of years ago, Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) and Maui (Dwayne Johnson) battle the rough oceanic waves to save her fellow citizens. Witnessing the powerful response from both girls and boys to Frozen, the warm weather counterpart Moana could potentially spark similar fanfare.

This is, potentially, a very exciting prospect for Disney movie producers, as well as moviegoers.

The plot explores a culture and part of the world during a time that hasn’t seen its ship sail into a movie theater dock. As is the magic with movies, the story locations can inspire escapism, curiosity and, yes, trips to these exotic destinations.

(If you’ve traveled to Hawaii and you like movies, chances are pretty high/100% that you at least asked where they filmed Jurassic Park).

Even though TV fans fondly remember Hawaii from the Saved by the Bell movie and Danny Tanner’s “Clipboard of Fun,” Disney’s Animation Studio will give people a fresh look at this region’s past…very distant past. The teaser trailer didn’t reveal much (obviously, it’s a teaser), but the visual snapshot has given viewers enough to be intrigued at Disney’s post-Frozen potential.

By late November, we’ll know if Moana has melted away Frozen’s icy dominance.