Letting Go of Winter

Disney proved they are the kings queens of winter.

Now, they are trying their hand at an island paradise.

The next female heroine will arrive in theaters November 23rd, courtesy of Walt Disney’s Animation Studio, in Moana. Taking place thousands of years ago, Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) and Maui (Dwayne Johnson) battle the rough oceanic waves to save her fellow citizens. Witnessing the powerful response from both girls and boys to Frozen, the warm weather counterpart Moana could potentially spark similar fanfare.

This is, potentially, a very exciting prospect for Disney movie producers, as well as moviegoers.

The plot explores a culture and part of the world during a time that hasn’t seen its ship sail into a movie theater dock. As is the magic with movies, the story locations can inspire escapism, curiosity and, yes, trips to these exotic destinations.

(If you’ve traveled to Hawaii and you like movies, chances are pretty high/100% that you at least asked where they filmed Jurassic Park).

Even though TV fans fondly remember Hawaii from the Saved by the Bell movie and Danny Tanner’s “Clipboard of Fun,” Disney’s Animation Studio will give people a fresh look at this region’s past…very distant past. The teaser trailer didn’t reveal much (obviously, it’s a teaser), but the visual snapshot has given viewers enough to be intrigued at Disney’s post-Frozen potential.

By late November, we’ll know if Moana has melted away Frozen’s icy dominance.


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