The Even More Unlimited and Extended Labor Day Blog Post

Hopefully, you had a nice, relaxing Labor Day.

Following a long holiday weekend, it can be laboring to return to the working grind. There are several (even countless) tasks that need to be sorted out on a Tuesday that puts on a rare mask and acts like a Monday, characterized by moments of exhaustion and stress.

And yet, because this workweek started on a Tuesday, there’s this feeling within us that it’s not really a Monday in approach and tendency. Despite the routine being similar to Monday, there’s an extra breath of relief because Wednesday is tomorrow…and then Thursday arrives…and then Friday is here before we know it!

Coming off a long holiday weekend, kicking off our weekly routine on a Tuesday gives us a bounce in our step. We don’t sweat (as many of) the small things. However, those ever-present Monday traits find subtle and bold ways of reminding us exactly what day it really is.

Like this.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is any Tuesday after a long holiday weekend.


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