Social Cues with a Short Fuse

Social etiquette can be tricky.

Especially when you have the names Larry and David in your name.

Social cues, golden material for sitcoms and comedy, are mostly objective things in civil society. These norms are called norms for good reason. They’re considered normal behavior. The only problem is when most people are abnormal, these pre-determined social “norms” become subjective.

Enter shock, frustration and disgust.

(See people who take their shoes off on airplanes. Actually, on second thought, don’t)

However, in particular social situations, there are great opportunities for hilarious entertainment. And that guy with the names Larry and David mentioned above exposes and highlights these awkward moments with brilliant levity and insight.

Wait, according to social etiquette, what’s the cut-off time for posting a new blog post…?


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