This Broderick Never Takes a Day Off

Local injury attorney commercials are, how do I put this…

A spectacular art form.

We’ve all seen them. Most of the time, we can’t believe that the individuals in the commercials are, well, actual attorneys. Something usually seems off about these so-called “attorneys.” And yet, the truth is they are real lawyers. Even more, they must be fairly talented at practicing law to afford the number of prime commercial spots during local news broadcasts.

Furthermore, these local attorneys typically have unique character traits that would cause any viewer to shake his or her head in disbelief. This could be a strange haircut or a bizarre personality. A common response might be, “There’s no way he’s an attorney! I don’t believe it.” Fortunately, Saturday Night Live had some fun with everyone’s favorite local commercials.

I’m legally obligated to state that you will laugh quite a bit during this sketch.

This fake commercial needs to air during real local news broadcasts.

No joke.


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