Keep This Song in Your Back Pocket

If only there was a device that could enable a bunch of your favorite songs to be placed in your back pocket?

Somehow, someway, Steve Jobs will forever be present in our minds…front or back.

The 2015 film Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle, was a fascinating cinematic exercise. Put simply, Aaron Sorkin adapted a screenplay from the leading book about Steve Jobs with a title of the same name by Walter Isaacson into three scenes. That was it. And the three scenes took place before a major product launch by the Apple co-founder in a behind-the-scenes kind of fashion with rapid fire conversations.

Interestingly, there were many new truthful revelations (some minor, some surprising and one absolutely mind-blowing) that occurred before the conductor took the stage in front of the spotlight to introduce his NeXT innovation.

In that same spirit, let’s take a moment this Tuesday to challenge ourselves to think different. Not to think differently, which is grammatically correct. But to “think different” as Steve Jobs charged we do (which actually is thinking differently, when you think about it). There is a song in the film that feels like the only music Steve Jobs would have listened to before a life-altering idea that wasn’t by Bob Dylan. Whether you work in an office and are allowed to listen to music (perhaps with headphones) or if you choose to listen to this song before or after work, please give the following song a try.

Who knows what inspiration this musical wonder (“Grew Up At Midnight” by The Maccabees) may spark?

Watching the movie Steve Jobs in the theater and again just recently, the one thing that’s crystal clear is that Steve Jobs was a masterfully innovative storyteller above all else. Say what you want about him (good or bad), but he changed the world.

And that is insanely great.


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