This Story is a Kroc

Before a brand can become a brand that everyone knows and loves, it needs something:

A founder.

Everybody knows about McDonald’s. Most people are probably aware of the name Ray Kroc and his association with McDonald’s. However, very few people likely know the incredible story of how a fast food joint became a global phenomenon.

Just as The Social Network is a film that highlights the brilliant happenstance of American ingenuity, so may The Founder. A trailer was just released for the new year with Michael Keaton starring as Ray Kroc, who is, you guessed it…

Building and managing a company is a complex undertaking inherent with infinite challenges (seen and unforeseen) that’s never as easy as people may imagine, despite a speedy drive-thru. Ensuring that all the moving pieces are functioning properly and are accounted for is akin to clockwork: Even one small malfunction can potentially jeopardize the entire operation. Back when McDonald’s was introducing its burgers and fries to the American public during the mid-1950s, there were probably as many reasons why this new restaurant should succeed as there were to why it should fail.

Someone needs to be a leader and determine how to transform a vision into a successful reality. The Founder looks like an entertaining true story with fascinating insight into how fast food (and even entire cultures) were changed forever by way of a daring American Dream.

I’ve gotta say…I’m lovin’ it so far.


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