Technology Coming Full Circle?

There are rare movies that speak deftly to an entire generation and one of those such films may be upon us.

‘Tis the season (or week) for movie trailers?

In less than a week, three new movie trailers have been released that not only feature great casts, but intriguing storylines. The most intellectually curious may be The Circle. Starring Tom Hanks, Belle Emma Watson and John Boyega from The Force Awakens, the story seems to be literally centered in an advanced facility, while metaphorically set within the big questions surrounding societal and individual use of information technology being pondered by very different generations of people.

When and how should technology be utilized? How much personal information is too much information? Have we crossed the line of no return? Has the human race finally come full circle with its development, innovation and necessity for information technology?

See for yourself.

Perhaps the most critically important question regarding The Circle is whether or not the story and characters will take audiences to the next-level of this ongoing, life-altering debate?

Some people simply view a circle as full and some people simply view a circle as empty.

Time will tell for this cinematic Circle. 


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