Hello, America!

That All-American weekend has arrived.

July 1st is not only the first day of the best month (I’m biased), but summer’s (and this country’s) biggest party with friends, family and neighbors is here. In a mere three days, the 4th of July will bring us together to genuinely, and almost exclusively, remember and celebrate the history-defining events of 1776.

In the wold’s history, the American experiment is stunningly young. Based on the current presidential election cycle, America must be entering its teenage years. There’s a lot of communication using abbreviated, generational terminology (social media), a great deal of frustration and unease at its own identity because of their “out of it” parental units (distrust of institutions and its leaders) and their future is frequently declared “over” and ruined because of scary, unknown variables (life) and in-the-moment chaos from every perceived angle.

What quells teenage angst, especially with the weekend upon us?

Normally, a reminder of, well, normalcy will do the trick.

A cheap trick.

Some forty odd years later and we’re still hangin’ out, down the street, doing the same old thing that we did last week.

And, if that’s not comforting enough, we all know what Red can do to motivate us.


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