Priced Into the NFL Through the ATL

People say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

According to the Atlanta Falcons, his wallet may be a close second.

“In any fan survey, food and beverage is one of the most important drivers of fan experience and the one that is the most broken,” Cannon said. “It’s either lack of quality, lousy delivery or bloodcurdling pricing.”
–Steve Cannon, AMB Group CEO

To be more specific, a revised menu for Atlanta Falcons games in 2017:

falcon food

(Atlanta Falcons Twitter)

Equate this revolutionary move (yes, food prices are so high at every sports stadium that this can be considered, “revolutionary”) with the installation of state-of-the-art scoreboards and seats. By conceding to the public that the prices across the board for average food and drinks at sporting events are senselessly astronomical, the Atlanta Falcons have put sports programs (collegiate and professional) on immediate notice.

Lower prices or else.

The “or else,” thanks to the Falcons, appears to have been weakened in no small measure. People are increasingly being priced out of the refreshment market at sporting events. Particularly if the lower-priced menu works (quality and revenue), if other venues and teams don’t follow with similar revisions, they will be viewed as unnecessarily greedy. Ticket prices and seating options for the games alone are out of control, not including any special rivalry, tournament or championship.

On a completely unrelated note, have you noticed your friends investing in stunning high-definition TVs and sound systems as opposed to spending the equivalent on a single game to be seen from the rafters? Can’t imagine why this is…

It seems like Mr. Cannon and Co. are attempting to get the pendulum to slowly swing back towards prioritizing and rewarding fans and their experience. Sporting events are supposed to bring us together for fun, memorable moments. If you want to pay extra for special benefits (view, proximity, parking, etc.), that’s one thing. But to pay for the 50-yeard line package at a football game for the bare minimum in terms of quality of seats and the crazy high cost of a small popcorn and a single drink is what infuriates so many sports patrons.

We have to contemplate our bank statements before “investing” in a hamburger.

The Atlanta Falcons are at least trying to ease a little bit of the monetary pain. And while we won’t know the verdict without people paying for and responding to the more affordable menu, the prospect is nonetheless promising as a first step.

$5 for domestic beers still seems quite high. However, that may be an issue of sobriety control as opposed to a cost-benefit analysis.

Falconry does require a clear mind. The falcon can’t be hot-dogging it.

Actually, for two bucks in Atlanta next year, falcons (and its fans) will be able to.


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