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Fly Us to the Moon (Again)

(U Discover Music)

(U Discover Music)

As everyone knows by now, Frank Sinatra would have celebrated his 100th birthday Dec. 12. On Tuesday, a new addition was announced to the many celebratory projects planned.

The four-CD box set Frank Sinatra: A Voice on Air (1935-1955), due Nov. 20, will trace the singer’s evolution during that period with more than 100 tracks, including 91 previously unreleased performances.
Elysa Gardner (USA Today)

Will the world ever see another Frank Sinatra?

Well, Michael Bublé is certainly trying.

And that’s a good thing, just like there needs to be rockers and rollers and big bands and pianos. Even outside of music, there is a firm belief that past greatness (movies, television shows, clothing, restaurants/dishes, technology or lack there of, etc.) should be replicated in the present. There is the notion that these movies or shows (as two examples) are bold indicators of the future. In some cases, this is true.

In other cases, not so much.

Hence the excitement for 20-year anniversary’s of movies (Jurassic Park) and television shows. Random reunions, official and unofficial (That ’70s Show, Friends, Frasier), remakes or series extensions (Girl Meets World, Fuller House) rejuvenate the hearts and minds of dedicated fan bases.

The fact that history repeats itself can be a beautiful thing. Regarding Sinatra, the new recordings arriving in November will again remind us of the talent and unique character of Ol’ Blue Eyes. His music and persona is iconic.

It will be fun to watch for that youngster who discovers Sinatra for the first time in a couple months and how that inspires a return in the future to the era of the impeccably dressed, cool gentleman with a style and voice that defines a generation.

And music will welcome a familiar, yet new way to entertain us for another 100 years.