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A Joint Separation

Do you know what an elbow dislocation feels like?

Sadly, I do.

While playing in a soccer game last night, an opposing player slammed into me when I cut with the ball to the inside, forcing me a bit into the air. I then landed really hard and awkwardly on my right arm. Pain and an all-too-familiar tingling feeling from when I broke my right arm as a kid rushed in.

Excruciating discomfort is only chapter one in this painful novel.

What made the situation worse was the punk who recklessly tackled me did not apologize or check to see if I was okay while I lay on the ground. He was in the wrong and knew it, but refused to admit it or say sorry and was upset at me for being legitimately upset about it.

I think his last name was Clinton.

Without divulging all the subsequent details, a sling is now holding my right arm in place as I literally type this sentence and entire blog post with my left hand. I just hope the next week will result in a much-improved situation, as my doctor predicts.

And now, my new style role model.

(Den of Geek)

(Den of Geek)

These days, a bodyguard seems like a good investment.