Perspective Day

Today is Earth Day, which means that for 24 hours only, we need to individually and collectively care for the planet we live on.

Or, perhaps, we should do this everyday.

Protocol for most everybody is to be courteous of nature. This is demonstrated by us throwing trash away daily, recycling each week and engaging with nature in its various forms in peaceful, respectful fashion. And yet, there are still those who see the coming apocalypse with every plastic bag in a grocery store, every napkin blown to the ground by a gust of wind and every private jet polluting the air…except when en route to multimillion dollar environmental conferences.

Wouldn’t a conference call or video chat be more environmentally sustainable if the planet is in such dire jeopardy?

There is no argument that we all want clean water, fresh air and for animals to live in the wild without being proactively and unnecessarily targeted. However, in the grand environmental argument, there does need to be some perspective injected about the complicated, surprisingly youthful relationship between humans and nature.

The late George Carlin was a brilliant observational stand-up comedian and thinker. If you’re wondering if he had any thoughts on the environmental movement and even Earth Day in particular, then check out the video clip below. It’s just a slice of his full routine on the subject (which is hilarious and relevant), but for language sake, here’s a portion that is 100% suitable for all ages (a rare find in classic George Carlin rants) that hits on his major point.

Just continue to be in awe of what the Earth has to show us in 2015…on this Wednesday.

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