Daily Archives: April 24, 2015

Superman’s Bright(er) Future

This blog is called, “Jimmy’s Daily Planet.” Therefore, intriguing Superman news naturally takes some precedence.

When fans saw Man of Steel in summer 2013, the tone was darker than past film adaptions of the greatest superhero in history. It was understandable, since it was an origin story rooted in realism and constructed in the same spirit as the successful Batman Begins. The latest Superman movie was co-conceived and co-executive produced by the brainchild of Batman Begins and its two cinematic follow ups: Christopher Nolan and Co. For The Dark Knight trilogy, that bleaker color scheme was a brilliant visual decision. However, Superman is not as emotionally dark and conflicted as Batman. There can be moments of inner-friction, but nothing sustaining.

Superman proudly stands for “truth, justice and the American way.”

The brightness of the character and his surroundings never illuminated to full potential, specifically at the end. This seemed to dispel what appeared to be a clever diluting technique that would have symbolized his “coming into the light” of himself, his super powers and his grand purpose in life.

VideoLab produced a fascinating video analysis comparing the real colors when filming versus the finished altered colors in Man of Steel, a final call made by director Zack Snyder.

When the true Man of Steel sequel (not Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) comes out in the next couple to few years, it’ll be worth noticing the brightness of the film’s color scheme.

Here’s to hoping that “S” will really pop-off the screen when his journey continues.